Borrowing Mark Reid's Styling

I am playing with new layouts, using Mark Reid’s wonderfully readable stylesheets as a basis. I’m going ahead and pushing it out, despite it being a work in progress. For now it is changed very little, in fact the main css is identical, but it will evolve as I have time.

I’ve taken another cue from him in using markdown for posts with code in them. Something about redcloth doesn’t play nicely with pygments processing of inline code, whereas the markdown processor does play nicely. So, not really caring about which one I use, I swapped out to markdown for posts with code. Yea!

[1,2,3].map { |i| i * i }.inject([]) { |a, i| a << i } {|i| i - 99}.select {|i| i + 99 == 0}


[1,2,3].map { |i| i * i }.inject([]) { |a, i| a << i } {|i| i - 99}.select {|i| i + 99 == 0}

I particularly like how Mark’s styling handles long code lines :-)

Along the way I killed the search box, it will come back, but it does highlight Toby’s comment that I should have actual, you know, links to my archives. Eventually…