Alfred Alias Hack

Ghostty, emacsclient, and terminfo


Epithet, Briefly

SSH Certificate Notes

Using More FreeBSD

Home DNS with Unbound and NSD

20 Years of Wasting Time!


Blog CD Pipeline with AWS CodePipeline

Knock, knock. This thing still on?


Using the Real Network with Docker


Docker and Mesos, Sitting in a Tree...


Leaving Ning, Returning to the Valley

Setting up a Go Development Environment

First Steps with Apache Mahout

Bazooka-Squirrel Solutions

RPC Over SSH and Domain Sockets


Some JDBI 3 Noodling

Go is PHP for the Backend

Private Apt Repos in S3

Rethinking Some Galaxy Core Assumptions

What is Galaxy?

Learning to Code

Java URL Handlers

Hello Pummel

Reworking the Atlas CLI

Java Daemonization with posix_spawn(2)

Configuration Models

POSIX from Java


Some Atlas Thoughts

In Clauses

Library Versioning

Maybe in Java

Using s3 URLs with Ruby's open-uri

Fundamental Components in a Distributed System

Yet More of the Long Tail Treasure Trove

Making Really Executable Jars

Emacs Client on Mac OS X

jDBI 2.12 and the SQL Object API


Deployment Systems - Packaging

Deployment Systems - Configuration


The TCK Trap

My Favorite Interview Question

Maven GPG Plugin Fixage

Library Dump



Treasure Trove: jmxutils

Emacs 23.1, for the Designers

Embedding Clojure

Setting up TokyoCabinet and Ruby

Borrowing Mark Reid's Styling

Dataflow Programmering

Teh New Ruby Evil

Added Disqus Comments

New Blog Tooling

Switched Over

Using Git to Manage the Blog

Hello Jekyll


jDBI in JRuby

Proper Fib

My Personal IT

The New Fork, Visualized

The New Fork

Tokyo Tyrant is Awesome


Lazy Web: Blog Software

Real World Haskell, for Jon

Why Apache?

Obama Wins!


Using Virtual Nodes to Compact Vector Clocks

Library Versioning, Redux


Topology Aware Consistency Policies

Long Tail Treasure Trove Slides!

The Shape of Async Callback APIs

My Favorite Bash Completion

That History Thing

If We Had to Drop Java

mod_wombat and the GSoC

Revisiting Groovy

Method Chaining

Sad Day

Learning, Programming, Etc.


an interesting milestone: mod_slow

IO Heresy


My Current Pen Hack

Nu is Sweet!

Goal: Learn Emacs in 2008


Autotools are the Devil

Autools are the Devil

Shindig, Ning, OpenSocial, and, er.. ME!

Loving Scala: Scripting

Shindig: An OpenSocial Container


Re: JCE and OpenSSL

JCE and OpenSSL


Interactive (Web) Application Architecture Patterns

mod_wombat talk

The Far End of the Long Tail of Itches

SVN Time Lapse View

Really Big Apps (Initial Braindump)

Logging for Libraries

I Remember When...


Congrats to the "Best Application Server"!


Web Development: *Sigh*

Very Lazy Web: Static Analysis to Detect Blocking Operations

Components vs Objects

Russ Nails It Re: Erlang

Google and OSS

Ah, the Mechanical Turk...

Lazy Web: Mercurial Repository Publishing

Fussy Baby + The Free Sound Project == Better

Oh, the Irony of "Score Another for Clarity and Transparency"

Web Framework Du Jour

Ian Gamble McCallister

What Does It Take to Own Me?

News From the Ass...

Best meme ev4r!!!1!

Python and the Number of the Camel

Protocols, not Products

Talking About Work

Testing JMX Stuff

Scala and Erlang

Who Owns Us This Week?

The R6RS Controversy

Long Tail Treasure Trove Slides

H2 Performance... "Notes"

Quote of the Moment

Erm, no, not really...

Guice with Spring Transactions

Skim Rocks

YAWS for Comet!?

Containers and Lifecycles

Hello Reverser World!

Silly Micro-Benchmarks Part 2

Cool Visualization!

I finally understand Object Oriented Programming

VB By Committee

Niq's Apache Modules Book is Out!


Anneal with a Transverse Field via a Tunable Flux Capacitor

Silly Micro-Benchmarks

"Please Touch Me Internet"

sudo port install rb-rubygems

Blogging Enjoyably

Rocky and App Core Scaling

Mercurial For Documents (on Mac)

Groovy 1.0!

Cargo Cult Rant


Apple Support Woes

jDBI has come a Long Way!

Echo Chamber

Robots With Knives!


Time Punted


Josh Bloch API Design Talk

Oracle's DML Returning and jDBI 2.0pre7

JRuby Rocks

ACM Membership Renewal Disappointment

API Design References

Back from Vacation

Talks I Want to Give

Apache HTTPD Config

ApacheCon US 2006 TODO List


Spring 2.0 Scopes

Pathway Wikipedia Browser

Working With the Grain

Trying out Grizzly ARP

Rocking Chair!

Testing Dojo Widgets

Dojo Deferred and DFS


Yea! Closure Proposal for JDK 1.7

Fear! Fear!

Sri Lanka Bombings

HTTP, Mongrel, and Pipelining

O/R Mapping, SQL, Relation Orientation and Convenience


Interesting Concurrency Paper

Scratching a JavaScript Testing Itch

Ningbar Baby!

AMQP 0.8 Published

Java Conference '06

JavaScript as Compilation Target

Dojo Widgets: (Slightly) Beyond Hello World

DataFlow Style Sequencing for Concurrent Ajax Calls

jDBI 2.0pre1

What do you believe about Programming Languages?

Atom 1.0 Compliant

Vernor Vinge

(Ruby) Corrupted by JavaScript

Ruby Orchestration Language Fun

Why drbunix:// is Cool

DRb over Unix Sockets

No ApacheCon EU For Me =(

Embracing JavaScript


Cute Kicks Ass!

Metaprogramming All Over!

Ted for the Win!

CPAN Rocks!

Rails 1.1


Fooling the Java Compiler

jDBI 2.0 Accidental Feature

Philly Emerging Tech '06 Warming Up

Versioning at the Airport

Air Travel

jDBI 1.4.2 Released

Live from ETech '06: Part 4

Live from ETech '06: Part 3

Live from ETech '06: Part 2

Live From ETech '06: Part 1

Open Development

Chapter 2: In Which Susie Lays Down the Smack

Scala Getting Noticed!

Pots and Kettles



Junior or Senior?

jDBI 1.4.1 Released

Philadelphia Emerging Technology

jDBI 2.0 In Progress

Ning: Now Really Pretty =)

AspectJ for 3rd Party Fixes

Lightweight Spring

Ajax Experience

Coming Up For Air

LazyWeb: Learning Maths


Servlets 2.5


Scoble's Geek Dinner

Apache 2.2 and FastCGI

Rails Presentations from ApacheCon '05

HOWTO: Import RSA Private Key and x.509 Cert into Java Keystore

ApacheCon US 2k5: Heading Home

ApacheCon US 2005: Day -1

Why Python? (was: Why Lisp?)

43FlockRz for teh Win!

BrainJam, Dec 3, 2005

Why Lisp?

Geir made coffee shoot out my nose!

Some (Possibly) Useful Tools


Skills that Count

Script Locator in jDBI

SQL Scripts in Java

jDBI 1.3.2 Release

Best Kids Site Evar!

Safe Music Experience

Speak Softly

Good Enough

Silly Alexa Toy =)

Ahead of the Curve


Blog Abuse: Looking for Housing near Palo Alto


PHP goes "Hmm..."

From RubyConf: Day 2

From RubyConf: Day 1

Off I Go...


SERStomp Announced!

I Want a Monopoly Too!

Ahh, Rules =)

More Darcs

Love Email Like This...

Leo's Blogging Again!

Stomp Notes

Freedom Languages

Rails Talk at ApacheCon US 2005

TTMP/Stomp feedback

The Java Love

TTMP is named Stomp!

TTMP for Perl

TTMP Protocol Specification 1.0 Release Candidate 1

No Best Practices

One more Enterprise Service for Ruby ;-)

You know you've been doing too much Java when...

Guru G!

TTMP Marches On

TTMP CONNECT Handshake =)

Trivial Text Messaging Protocol (working name)

Pushing Logic Away

diff -u Struts JSF

Flattening the Abstractions

Darcs for a while...


Web State Management Using Externalized Dynamic Scoping

A Quote for Robert (at Agile 2005)

Agile Open Source (How's that for buzzword compliant?)

ApacheCon EU 2005 Project Notes

Back from ApacheCon EU

Rails, Rules (Drools!), and Managing OSS Slides Online!

Trackback Client

ApacheCon EU 2005: Day 3

ApacheCon EU: Day 1


Accessing Databases

Apple, pay attention: Broken RSS (for Sam)

Things To Muck With...

Squeak! In Print! Pigs flying past my window!

Rails is no fun!

Where are the Components? The Haus!

Offtopic, but... Wow!

jDBI 1.3.1 Released and added a Committer =)

Smoking the ActiveMQ Crack...

Command Line Google, 2.0

Continuous Performance Testing Seminar in Philly

XMLStarlet on OS X

Orchestration for Geeks

Boo Airtran

Dynamicity and Throwing Money at Problems

OCaml does #!, wheee!

Back... at least in body


Transparent Persistence, Transient and Detached Objects, and DTO's

Simple CSV

The .org Millionaires ;-)

SeeBeyond Web Site: Total Incompetence =)

Closures: What's the big deal?

XMLStarlet Rocks!


Tinfoil Wallets

Reading the Fortress Spec...

jDBI 1.3.0 Released

Modal Transformations

Why Floats are t3h 3v1l

Building Webapps

Been Pondering Monads...

Kragen captures so much truth...

Lucene Components for Spring

Ruby Metaprogramming 201

When April Fishes Go Bad

Expressiveness Matters

Concurrent Fun

PyCon 2005 Papers

Process Police

Things I wish I had time to do...

Core Data

ApacheCon Europe Sessions =)

Quantum Revision Control, d00d!

Tom Moertel Wins

Weblogic on OS X: Update

Open Source in the Corporate World: Eben Moglen's Keynote

Writebacks are Fixed

The Rails Hype

Nixed for JavaOne '05


jDBI 1.2.5 Released

More Fun Little Scripts

Speaking of RSS...

Old Code

So, what does it mean if a guy links to a girl?

Ruby Central 2005 Codefest Grant!

Containers and Webapps

Struts on Rails =D

Free 1 Day Open Source Conference in Philly =)

Fear teh Aspects!

Oracle Port 8080 Garbage...

Why Blosxom?

Rails for Struts-ters, Part 2: The Views

No more reason...

The Database isn't Sacred

Re: Rails for Struts-ters

Brian For Sale!

Rails for Struts-ters (Part 1)

Code Monkey

Bash Completion for SSH

Jamis Gone Wild!

Running Alongside Trains

Java Pop Quiz

jDBI 1.2.3

The Sysadmin School of Programming


Fear Driven [???]

ROFL (literally if you count spinning around in my chair laughing...)


jDBI Releases Galore

Makes You Wonder...

Re: Groovy Closures and Related Syntax Issues

You know you've been writing too much Java when...

Way too fun to be healthy...

Novelty Junkies

Futures 3: Transparent Futures in Java

Futures, Part 2: Ruby

Finding New Things (in Rails)


As seen on LtU...

Futures, Part 1.5

Futures and Concurrent Programming (Part 1)

Merry Christmas, Ruby 1.8.2!

Too Late!

Guido's Beard

A Good Use for UML

IBM's Unstructured Information Management Architecture


Elegance Matters

PragDave and Rails...

Bet You a Beer...

Setting a Decent Font in OS X Cocoa Emacs...

Bwana Guud

Rails Session Clustering *sigh*

Apache JDO

Too Many =)'s

I am, apparently, a Java Apologist


Lisp is Cool, Smalltalk Scares Me

Inverting the Inversion of Control

The Same Code, Part 2 (or "why lambda pwns")

The Same Code

ApacheCon 2004 Thoughts

jDBI 1.0.1 Release

Two Database Tarballs =)

Continuations via JIT

Embedding Groovy Eval in Derby =)

Big [censored] Caching


Shame On Me =)

Had to refer them to someone else...

MVC, Model 2, Java WebApps, (and callcc, why not)

Derby Coding Contest at ApacheCon!

(apparently (am I Lisp))

Colloquy Entertainment

This is Sick

Lots of One-Shot Code Generation

Safari Non-Help

New Job

Scala Interactive Shell

My New best Friend

Gone Sailing...

Command Line Google

Darn you, Leo =)

I Need to Meet Aslak Some Day

Speaking of PickAxe2...

PickAxe 2 PDF!

Redneck CFlow

Forget Sun and IBM - Apple Should Open Source its JVM

Scoped State

Rails Wins

Indexing Object Graphs with Lucene

Using Lucene with OJB

Jetty 5.0.0 Was Released!

Load Balancing Web Apps


Graph Paging =~ Caching (sort of, but not really)

Loving LtU

Graph Manipulation vs Reporting

Pie Decorators!

Graph Paging

Prefer Active Configuration

John Ashcroft

Not Enough IDEA!

Too Much IDEA...

Picocontainer Null Object Builder

Two Picocontainer Idioms

Go Learn $language NOW!

Is Infinity Inclusive or Exclusive?

Components, Design, and Functions

Grafolia Import

Algorithmic Fun-ness

Help: Functional Design

Heresy =)

REPL for Java

Re: Dumb User (was Re: Linux's Curse)

Close Call, Amazon! Thank you!

Re: Re: Re: Linux's Curse =)

Re: Linux's Curse

Things That Should Not Be

Re: Objects and Wars

Why JDO?

Corrupted By Scheme

Groovy 1.0b6 RPM Available

Native Java Continuations

OJB 1.1 Fun -- PersistenceAware

PHP Scales Better then Java My Buttocks

Translucent Persistence

Speaking of Momentum

OJB vs Hibernate -- NOT =)


Not Everything is Cranky

Crankiness Disclaimer

"Corporate Developers"


Apache Object/Relational Bridge 1.0 Released!

Agile Java Expert Panel

The "Go Buy TopLink" Talk

Aspecty Lunch

IDEA Shootout

Scala in Flight

Explicit Transactions

Leaning on the Crutch Once More: Detecting GC'd Objects

Object/Relational Bridge 1.0rc7 Last Night

Thoughts on JDO

In a Funk

Better Option for IDEA+Subversion on OS X

Exceptional Transactions and Bad AOP Idioms

Salons and Courts

ObjectFilter and Collections -- Why Communities are Important

I Want Change Listeners on Collections

Speaking at JavaOne

HOWTO Include ASL Licensed Software in GPL(ish) Software

Higher Order Advice

HOWTO Install Subversion and the IDEA plugin on OS X

Disturbingly Fun

Motivation and Rewards

Adrian Colyer is Blogging

Vonnegut usually puts it best.

Solved: Advice on Started Threads

LazyWeb: Advice on Started Threads

Happy Day! Un-Assimilated

Apologies to Marc Fleury

ObjectFilter and the Canadian Army and DARPA and Bears (oh my!)

ASM 1.4.3 and CocoonClassLoader...

PhillyJUG: Marc Fleury and Gavin King


The One True Path

"Bonjour," said the Wombat

Why I Love #groovy

My Productivity Just Tanked =)

New Syntax Definition for Groovy in SubEthaEdit

In Defense of the Wheel

Drools Module for ObjectFilter

ObjectFilter Test Object Model

ObjectFilter: AOP Rule Based Object Access

The Book Meme

Better Spam Filtering

It's All So Simple

Too Much Magic

Random Thought: Continuations to Fight Comment Spam

Gregory Benford and J2EE

The Insane Part, Anyway

Apache DB PMC

Using AspectJ to Instrument the AspectJ Compiler

MIT OpenCourseWare Gets Better and Better

Sad News: MS Dropping WinFS in Longhorn

IoC Containers and AspectJ -- LazyWeb

How I'm Using AOP (in Real Apps) Right Now

Correction: WebWork2 DOES NOT (quite) Embed Struts

Getting Rolling on Native JDO in OJB

WebWork2 Embeds Struts ;-)

In Defense of XML

Thomas Risberg's Spring Slides

Apache OJB PhillyJUG Slides

Postfix Rocks

Fun With AOP for April 1

Closure Recursion in Groovy

Wonderful Paper

Everyone Loves Puppy Pictures

Lazyweb: Trackback Spider

Cult of IDEA

Get it Right -- Groovy is Endorsing the JCP

public class Foo implements Broken

It's almost like Ted called it...



PhillyJug OJB and Spring Presentations

Groovy RPM =)

Syndication Sillyness

Biking in Chernobyl

Partial Application and Currying Questions

AOP Differences

Aspect Oriented Management

Real Dynamic Pointcuts in DynAOP

Stack Frames as First Class Objects

CFlow in DynAOP

Serious Astroturfing

Newspeak, FSF, "Free"

Better GroovySQL Example

Once Again, Groovy Rocks

DynAOP Relicensed!

DynAOP Impressions

Too Little Code...

Solipsism, Research, and Blogs

Tapestry at NFJS Philly

Java Jerks

Finally Played with JDK 1.5 Some... I Likee!

Suse has a Sense of Humor

Pragmatism and Idealism in Software Development

Intercepts on Java.Net

Things To Know About Email Viruses

I am Hopeless =/

Thoughts on Orkut

A Plan for Suet

Too Fun to be Healthy...

Just For Fun

Atom via XMLBeans

Planet Apache Polls FAST

Constructors in Anonymous Inner Classes

Spring, SourceForge, and Self Hosting

The Object Transaction Manager is Supported in OJB 1.0!

cvs udpate -dP

Why Don't We ... ?

Is it bad if I use pointers in Java?

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap (with Reflection and Bytecode Generation)

XDoclet in Action finally Arrived!

JBoss and Guerilla Marketing: Richard Saunders

Apache Finally has a .NET Project: Log4Net

Support for Mocking Classes as well as Interfaces

Things I Wish I Had Time to Code in 2004

Kudos to JohnCompanies

Intercepts Has Mixins

More Interception Goodness

Bizarro Design Ideas: In Practice

Object Transactions and Lunch Conversations


What do you do when...

Our First Cocoon App is Live!

New Year, New Language - Sort Of

Bizarro Design Ideas

Looking for a Home for Intercepts

Method-Invocation Level ACL Style Security via Interception

Failing Test as Todo

Intercept Standard Library - Transactions


On Linux For a Few Days

Someone Else Agrees with RSS Announcements!

Intercept Benchmarks - Wow!

Our J2EE Developers are Certifiable

Query By Critera Library For JDBC

Intercept .1.2 Release

Syndication of Project Announcements

Microsoft Taking Over O/R Mapping?

Eclipse on OS X and Nasty Fonts

Looking at the Microsoft Development Community

Rant n/t

Intercept Just Got Faster

Intercept Library Initial Release

Production Operating Systems for Java Apps

Apache Cocoon FlowScript and Woody Observations

Wish List (Free) Application Has Named Groups

Heading Home from ApacheCon

ApacheCon Day ?

Thinking About Queries

It feels nice...

Giving an OJB/Spring Presentation at PhillyJug

Forays into Groovy

Those Wacky Maven and Groovy People...

Atlanta Java Software Symposium: The Anti-EJB

VoodooPad got Distributed: vpwiki

Early Christmas Present to Everyone: The Wish List

PGP/GPG For Spam Blocking

Sessions on the Client

Really Using Free/Open Libraries

Eric's Bubba City Book Finally Published

Apachge OJB OTM Layer Makes Unit of Work Pattern Scarily Easy

Aimity Update (Already)

Aimity - Command Line AIM Client

Clustering Tomcat is Easier than People Think

Apache OJB ODMG Tutorial Take One

Is Java the SUV of Programming Languages?

Monica Sorta Exists

This is the coolest Java stack trace I have ever seen

Cool Tech Links For Jon

Monica Concept

Form Tool

Snippet of the Day

Too Cool

Oh the Overloaded MVC

Spam From the Other Side

Jetty, Resources, Properties and Pain

Cocoon is Cool!

Rapidity Is Born

Application Interop

Lordaeron.com Ideas

Environment Variable Nazi

I Need a Scripting Language

Java.net Incubator

Jeanie Johnston In Town


Migratosaur Has Composite Steps

Groupware Woes