Knock, knock. This thing still on?

I’ve attempted to wake this blog up a couple times, but between Jekyll changing, Pygments changing, and whatnot, it has been more pain than any given post seemed worth. I’ve recently had three folks independently chastise me for no longer writing, however, and three is a magic number.

So, this is basically just a test post as I try converting over to Hugo. Jekyll resisted hard enough that I declared bankruptcy. We’ll try this one. If I get annoyed at it, Gutenberg is next on the list. Torsten says nice things about it :-)

All my old posts should be exactly where I left them, no sense breaking URLs.

For a test post I need to include some code, that being most of the point of this thig, so some Rust from wsf.

impl From<hyper::error::Error> for CliError {
    fn from(err: hyper::error::Error) -> CliError {

So far, so good.

Off to deploy and see if this thing works!