Switched Over

Well, I switched over to jekyll from blosxom, finally. All the old posts stil exist, at the urls they existed at before. I haven’t worked out the mod_rewrite magic to get comments showing up for old posts, but will, eventually, I hope :-)

In the mean time, I opted not to have an auto-publish on checkin, but to include the scripts to rebuild and republish the blog in the repo, publishing is now an explicit choice, which works fine. I would still like to automate it, though, so that I don’t need all the tools to publish from whichever machine I am writing on.

As is obvious, comments are disabled at the moment. I am not sure what I am going to do about them. Cliff thinks I should just leave them off, “more trouble than they’re worth” but I am not sure I agree, I have had good discussion in my comments before. Most of what would have been comment discussion has moved to twitter though, but no obvious way to make that commection. Would be entertaining to find a way (random hashtags and a form which posts to twitter on your behalf, maybe, but that would be a nasty hashtag abuse).

On Jekyll, it is a pretty decent publishing tool. I don’t especially like the idiom it uses for post naming (this is 2009-04-04-switched-over.textile for example) but given the “play nicely with git” goal/requirement the date being part of the filename is reasonable. I kind of like, conceptually, the webgen style of putting the publication date in the front matter, but can see usefulness for find and so on with this format. Will play and see how it goes.

Anyway, speaking of playing, going to go play with it some, hopefully the feed still works correctly!