Library Dump

So, dumping a bunch of libraries and library-like-things I have been meaning to write about for months…

At PhillyETE during my talk the JRugged library was recommended to me. It provides a decent looking, literal, implementation of Nygard’s Circuit Breaker. I haven’t used this, but it looks (from their example) like:

public class Service implements Monitorable {
    private CircuitBreaker cb = new CircuitBreaker();
    public String doSomething(final Object arg) throws Exception {
        return cb.invoke(new Callable<String>() {
                             public String call() {
                                 // make the call ...
    public Status getStatus() { return cb.getStatus(); }

The next is from My friend Bob, who wanted a more pluggable (and HAML friendly) static site generator, so made Awestruct which looks so very nice, indeed!

Adam keeps telling me about all the fun hackery he has been doing with libusb. Sadly, I have not done any myself… YET!

Not a library, but awesome is Gephi for exploring your big dot graphs.

Dain put me onto David Blevin’s xbean-finder for doing all the newfangled classpath scanning in Java. It works very well :-)

Don’t remember how I found Mail but it is derned nice for all your ruby based email needs (except IMAP, sadly).

Okay, maybe not all your ruby email needs, having watched Martin slog through figuring these out a couple years ago, just use MMS2R to parse the random crap various carriers call MMS.

Just in case you missed it, google-diff-match-patch for all your C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Lua, and Python diff related needs.

Finally, Chris’s repl is not really a library either, but is shockingly useful.