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Knock, knock. This thing still on?


Using the Real Network with Docker

Docker and Mesos, Sitting in a Tree...

Leaving Ning, Returning to the Valley

Setting up a Go Development Environment

First Steps with Apache Mahout

Bazooka-Squirrel Solutions

RPC Over SSH and Domain Sockets

Some JDBI 3 Noodling

Go is PHP for the Backend

Private Apt Repos in S3

Rethinking Some Galaxy Core Assumptions

What is Galaxy?

Learning to Code

Java URL Handlers

Hello Pummel

Reworking the Atlas CLI

Java Daemonization with posix_spawn(2)

Configuration Models

POSIX from Java

Some Atlas Thoughts

In Clauses

Library Versioning

Maybe in Java

Using s3 URLs with Ruby's open-uri

Fundamental Components in a Distributed System

Yet More of the Long Tail Treasure Trove

Making Really Executable Jars

Emacs Client on Mac OS X

jDBI 2.12 and the SQL Object API

Gnuplot by Brian McCallister

Deployment Systems - Packaging

Deployment Systems - Configuration

The TCK Trap

My Favorite Interview Question

Maven GPG Plugin Fixage by Brian McCallister

Library Dump


Treasure Trove: jmxutils

Emacs 23.1, for the Designers

Embedding Clojure

Setting up TokyoCabinet and Ruby

Borrowing Mark Reid's Styling

Dataflow Programmering

Teh New Ruby Evil

Added Disqus Comments

New Blog Tooling

Switched Over

Using Git to Manage the Blog

Hello Jekyll

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